Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Days After - and Valentines!

Well, it happened and it was wonderful. 

What a joyful culmination of 7 years as I was surrounded by people I love and people throughout many seasons of my life.

My cousin's professional photos will take a few weeks for him to process so I have been dependent on friends sending me a few.

My publisher posted some images and also a 1 minute video on Facebook. There is a link below that will lead you to view. You'll  get a sense of the room as she panned around. Even if you are not a FB participant, the link has come up for those who never go near Facebook!!

I had an amazing crew of friends. My step-sis and another dear friend helped me get all the decor from my 3rd floor apt. to two cars in my parking lot and then TO the venue and INTO the venue space. Others were waiting with eager and skilled hands to take what we brought and help get the room  set up. The last candle was "lit" just as the guests stepped through the door. Whew - it did take a village.

The place was a buzz with joy, chatter, people connecting - some realizing they had mutual connections and never knew it.

 I was in a whole new realm - no longer "on my couch"! 

I have since seen names in my guest book and realized some friends were there but I never had the opportunity to talk to them. . .and some I never "saw" in the sea of faces.

Books were sold - amazing people manning that table and happily handing books to many who wanted to purchase Seeking the Light. And a significant number of people bought more books  as they thought of a friend going through a challenging time and wanted to give them a copy. 

I loved the experience of signing my book for friends. I loved them telling me why they had bought the book for their friend and that helped me inscribe just the right words for that person. Life was going on elsewhere in the room but I was where I was needed and knew all were being well taken care of without my buzzing around! 

There was a time for prayer, for introductions, for thanking and giving and embracing the moments as they came.

It was a milestone day for me - all ordained by God for his perfect timing and all prayed about by each of you who have been my support team for many years!  

Then there was the clearing up which my same crew took care of and I cannot begin to say enough thank yous to those who were the worker bees. They allowed a protective shield around me knowing that I needed "energy" to do what I could  with the book part of the day.

Then my friend and my step-sister got all that they had taken down from my 3rd floor apt. back UP into it and then we all collapsed.  . .them from all that work  . .and me from the kind of "work" it had taken for me to be there in the role that was for me.

I sit in the memories that will be pondered for many a day to come. And for a gal who cannot remember when I last got flowers that I could count as Valentine love - there were people who brought me flowers. What a gift of surprise. What a gift of a day.

Below - a few photos!

First the link to the "live" one minute video . Let it load a bit and some may need to find the volume icon to be sure the narration is on. Then again, it might all be fine with no adjustments needed but to let it load - it will eventually come on!! 

With my publisher, Athena Dean Holtz, taking a "selfie" at the book table where I was signing books! 

Long time teacher friends who came - all of us now retired!! 

A couple of friends chatting in the entryway! 

When there are more photos, I will post them. 
These give you a sense of the lovely day! 


  1. I'm beyond & excited for you dear Lynn!
    What joy to be able to see you moving & hear you talking on that video!! What a gift to experience Lynn in real life! I think I've watched it 5 times!!!
    Soooo delighted for your special book launch to have gone soooo well. PTL for all of your team, who contributed to the day, so that you could sign books & stay upright! Praying for you as you rest & recover. God bless you abundantly dear friend. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Kerryn - I, too, am excited. There were lots of surprises, like my publisher doing that "live" little segment. I had another online friend send me a note tonight and tell me, "I LOVE your voice!". And it made me stop and think that with all the online exchanges we can become close in all we share - but to hear our voices rarely happens. Diane Kalata is doing a weekly teaching via video on Facebook and it does make someone suddenly have an added dimension hearing their voice but than, also seeing them moving.

      I really am looking forward to the whole recording of the time at the podium - that will include the special prayer blessing, my thanking all my publishing team, my prayer for Amber and also the raffle drawing with my adorable 10 year old nephew. That may be a time coming as my publisher is launching her own book and is as busy as I was. You'll need Kleenex for that one!

      Thanks, again!

  2. I've loved looking at all the photos and the video, Lynn! What a blessed day! I'm so, so glad you were able to experience this "shower" for your baby. A beautiful event indeed.

    1. Yes, Lisa - such a special day. My publisher video taped/recored all the speaking time from prayer, introduction through raffle drawing. She is in the midst of her own book launch so it may be a while before she gets it to me. That will be a really special recording to watch and listen to. The other mini-FB live was fun and a great peek at the overall room.


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