Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrating My First Book Review!!

When I  opened my laptop this morning to access email, there in my 'inbox" was the daily blog posting's notice that comes from my friend, Lisa Burgess. 

Only today (February 23,2017) my book, Seeking the Light of God's Comforter---When Challenges Dim Our View was the focus on her blog, "Lisa Notes".

Lisa and I met when I came on the devotional writer's team for Rest Ministries in 2008 and have been friends ever since. She is a prolific reader and blogger and I often gasp at how much she reads - and then reviews books for those who appreciate her blog. She also blogs about her daily life and involvements. I know you will find her blog of great interest as you wander over there to see how she has reviewed my book.

I feel most honored that Lisa has done my first "official" book review - putting it out there on social media. She also left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you, my friend. Seeing Seeking through your keen eyes is a true delight.

Lisa, husband, Jeff and their family


  1. Very exciting, Lynn! I'm sure this is the first excellent book review of many to come! I loved reading what Lisa wrote.
    I'm going through your book way more slowly..... savouring each Bible verse, devotional, photo, prayer & set of questions where I journal answers. It will take me a few months I reckon! What a treat to meditate on the Word of God through your eyes. Thanks HEAPS! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. It meant so much to me that Lisa Burgess reviewed my book. Not only is she a long time online friend but she really digs in to the books she reviews. It was pure gift to me - truly. God smiled on that one! It is still surreal to see this unfolding but He is leading.

      It is equally a gift to read how you are engaging with the book, Kerryn. It is not a book to go through quickly and, as you are discovering, God meets you in His ways be it in the messages He means just for you, or though a photo or as you get alone with him to journal the questions.

      I so appreciate your letting me know how "Seeking" is becoming your friend! And as I think of you with her, it warms my heart!

      Love you!

  2. Now it's my turn to be surprised. :) It's my honor to be able to share your book. Even though I've already made progress in it, I'm slowing down to use it for Lent to read one devotional a day. Your words deserve a slow and pondering listen!

    1. Well, good - glad to add a bit of surprise to your life (good surprise)!!
      I know some readers who are journaling through the devotionals using the study guide for reflection. In fact, when my friend, Anastasia came to be with me for the week before the book launch, she asked if we could do a devotional and interact with the study questions.

      That was a fun experience for me who has "lived with the book" for so long. The only drawback with what we did is it took a half hour to talk through the a) part of question 1 of the devotional we chose and we weren't even finished with that part!

      Now that you mention it, Lisa - it would be a good meditation book for Lent.
      Thanks for sharing that with me.


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