Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day #7 Countdown to Book Launch - The Pricing of a Self Published Book

Seeking the Light of God’s Comforter—When Challenges Dim Our View Is a self published book, as was stated a few postings ago.

As the author who self published, I am the one to set the retail price of my book.

I had to determine that fee taking these factors into consideration:

The book is 176 pages in length.
The book is 8.5" x 11" in dimension.
The book has 65 full color photos as part of its interior.

Each page, because of how the book is set up for printing, has to be priced as if each page is color.

The facts:
The soft cover version of “Seeking the Light. . .” costs $21.00 to print and that fee goes to the printer.

The hard cover version of “Seeking the Light. . .” costs $26.00 to print and that fee goes to the printer.

My retail price had to be set above that and allowing for 10% of my retail price going to the publisher for handling fees.

The rest is my profit.

I agonized wanting my book to be affordable to those in need while realizing that it was “high” in cost before I set my price. I finally went as low as seemed fair.

Soft cover version = $30.00
Hard cover version = $35.00

Then came an even harder decision as I found out  how Amazon and other online sites (e.g. B&N) do their pricing. With my printer getting his cut, online retailers (Amazon) escalated my fees: $30.00 went to $47.00.  $35.00 went to $59.00. My profit no matter which version sold would be $0.14.

I was not even going to put my print versions on Amazon etc. but succumbed to putting the soft cover print version online because I wanted anyone doing a search to know there IS a print version.

The E-book is fine: same price everywhere offered for $9.99. It really is lovely and a good option. A friend showed me her copy on her iPad yesterday. The photos show up in all their brilliant colored glory.

So where, pray tell, can you find my book at its original fee - the retail price as I set it.

That would be at my publisher’s website and in their bookstore. There also is a PDF link that is the whole first section of the book (15 devotionals with full page color photos). It will take a minute or two for it to download.

 Redemption Press

Clicking on the above URL brings you to my book's page on their website store. . .both print versions and E-book.

A key thing to know is that Redemption Press is a “print on demand”(POD) publisher. This means when your order is placed, it then goes to print. The turnaround time for your receiving it is close to 10 business days. RP processes online orders Monday-Friday although you can place your order at any time. 

Even if someone chose to pay $47.00 on Amazon for a $30.00 book, Amazon does not have copies in their warehouse. It goes through the same channels and will arrive in that same time frame of close to 10 business days.

I hope I have covered all the important facts in case you want to have “Seeking” in your hands or on a e-reader device.

I have enjoyed counting down to my launch day with you and soon comes that celebration day. 

In October 2015 when all the steps to publication began, my CPA offered to give me a launch party and it will be on Sunday, February 12, 2017 - tomorrow! 

When I can, I'll post photos taken at that event and you can virtually be a part of the excitement!


  1. Soooo exciting Lynn!
    All the best for the big day. Know I'm praying!
    LOTSoluv Kerryn

  2. I love this post; most authors wouldn't think twice about being so open with the pricing and the fees involved. It is wonderful to be able to know what finances go where so that the readers know that what they are buying is worth the price (which of course it already is!) but that we know you also are actually receiving a profit somewhere out of this for your own time, energy, and effort. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks, Shelby - I thought it was best to "put it out there". No one has "accused me" of making a lot of money on my book but a few friends were in awe of all I just described here.

      I want, as much as I can, for people to purchase the book at the "best price" there is for it - thus this posting.


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