Friday, February 5, 2016

Update on My Self Publishing Journey!!

I naively thought I would “leisurely” do blog updates along my journey with the self publication of my book, Seeking the Light of God’s Comforter—When Challenges Dim Our View. 

As you will note, this is February, 2016 and the journey began mid November, 2015. Although there have been some breaks during the holiday season the intensity of this journey has left little energy to “leisurely” do more than exhale for some moments and catch my breath. That said, it is a fascinating journey. I have learned a lot. There are miles to go and more to learn.

After I signed my contract, I was assigned a Project Manager. All parts of this journey go directly to her so, wisely, files are kept in one place. My project manager lives in Ohio. We “met” and were instantly sharing prayer needs with each other as well as the professional essentials I needed to know at that beginning time.

She assigned me to a copyeditor, a woman who lives closer to me geographically and who I actually met the beginning of this month. In November she was finishing up another project and then turned to mine on December 1. We worked “online” one-on-one and she was a dream to work with. I learned so much, appreciated her input, and she was sensitive to mine when I needed to explain why I had done some particular parts of my text the way I did. She scrutinized every word, punctuation, grammar usage, and connected two sections for their coordinated identification. We worked in tandem, my checking over what she did, our coming to a consensus until we were totally in sync. By mid December, all was ready to be sent on to the Project Manager. That work is waiting to go on to formatting along with my 67 colored photos. I’ll explain the reason for the wait later. 

While my copyeditor was working on the texts, the graphic designer was working on readying my design of the book’s front cover. Her work was sent to me. With email exchanges and tweaks (all going to the designer through the Project Manager with my input going to the Project Manager to the designer), the front cover is ready. It will be picked up later when all the interiors of the book are set and approved. Then the graphic designer will work on the spine and back cover design.

January put the next steps on hold, but for good reasons. My Project Manager and her husband have recently welcomed, via adoption, a newborn baby - God’s gift to them after a 7 year wait and many disappointments. Understandably she/they are on maternity/paternity leave as we all rejoice and want to give them this priceless time.

My next literal steps will be to drive south an hour and a half from where I live and have time with the publisher to show her my compiled 3-ring binder where she will review my vision of the formatting of my entire manuscript (including the photos). I will take those 67 colored photos, now in the right format and pixel size, in a zip drive. I’ll hand that over to her! We will discuss what is possible and come to some conclusions. She is the one who will then communicate these needs to the Project Manager (off maternity leave and learning to REALLY multi-task). 

As there have been needed transitions in various positions at the Publishing Company, I chose not to walk into  those occurring during January. A date will soon be scheduled to take the drive south and get on with the next part of this process.

Originally it was thought the publication date would be February, 2016. Not so now. As I have been waiting for six years to be published, a few more months is not of concern as I always have been on God’s timeline. My guess is perhaps a book will be in my hands by April. 

Stay tuned and thanks for ALL your prayers.

I am using this time to tend to some preparation for marketing.

Here are some throw-back images from February of 2010.

I was away from home and using the time to try and figure out how to approach the four Introduction Sections in my book, as well as doing other edits. 

A handful of daffodils got me started. 

There is music in these waiting times. 
The blooms will emerge and oh, the beauty will be worth the wait. 

Click Here to listen a favored song that has kept me inspired along the roads of these years - the roads God and I have walked together while He sang his lyrics of promise.

xo Lynn