Monday, February 6, 2017

Day # 2 of Countdown Week!!

It all started in 2008. I had been invited to join the staff of volunteer devotional writers for Rest Ministries. This Christian online ministry offers resources for those living with chronic pain/illnesses. Now . . . nine years later. . . !!

Here (in photos) are behind the scenes fun from 2010. I had the opportunity to stay at a B&B away from home for 4 days. It was during this time I got the idea of how I’d do my four Introduction sections in the book. All it took was a bouquet of daffodils to spark my imagination. You’ll have a look at the printed book page that evolved from those 2010 moments.

Along the nine years, I created 3-ring notebook binders of the manuscript to give to those who said they would endorse the book. You’ll see that assembly line scattered all over my rug - but also a glimpse of other photos in the book (if you look closely)! 

Next - Day #3 Countdown Week - more behind the scenes scoops! 


  1. LOVING this sneak peek behind the scenes into how you went about creating this awesome devotional book. Thanks Lynn! Sooooo exciting!!
    Cool to see you writing on your laptop too. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Kerryn - I thought it would be fun for people to see behind the scenes. And you know there have been many "scenes" during these 7 years. My hopes are it will give a wider scope of what the book is - esp. with its photos which are a key component accompanying the texts. Love, L.

  2. Dear Lynn,
    I love that your journey began with Rest Ministries!
    Daffodils and a B & B stay... Ah, what a wonderful way to get inspired! Can't wait to hold my own copy!!!
    With great anticipation,

    1. Thank you, Vicki - lots of steps in this journey, as you know!
      I am grateful for RM - and for our friendship that began there!

      Hugs -


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