Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day # 5 Countdown Week - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!

The journey getting photos for my book was greatly enhanced by some friends who offered me their time and talents. I remain most appreciative.

There are some devotional texts where their message content was hard to represent with a photo. I asked my friend Dave Peterson, a talented artist, if he would do four sketches for me and he did. They are wonderful. A few years into the project, when I needed one more sketch, his talented daughter-in-law, Mary offered to render one that is a true delight. It will stay a surprise for those of you who get a copy or download an E-book version of “Seeking”.

Being Called a Friend

Having the Faith of Abraham

I needed a photo of someone playing a harp. Some plans to get an image of a harpist here where I live did not work out. As nice as that would have been, even better was getting the “harp photo” in San Diego, CA. Linda Hill-Phoenix has a ministry to those in hospitals and hospice centers. Prior to his death, my dear friend Tim Hansel (to whom my book is dedicated) had been in the San Diego Hospice Center and he and Linda became friends. She played her harp often in his room there at the hospice center. She also played her harp at his memorial service. 

Nine months after Tim’s death, I had the opportunity to be in the San Diego area. Anastasia, Tim’s widow and my dear friend, arranged for me to meet Linda and I took photos right on the grounds of the hospice center. What an unexpected but fitting place to meet her and to have her imaged in my book. 

Singing a Song of Zion 

There was also a need to film a “potter at his wheel” and my cousin, Teri, worked with a man who is a potter. Jamie Zach welcomed me to his home and small studio to film him at work. What a joy it was to watch him and to get the “perfect photo”! 


A long time and dear friend, Bob MacPherson offered me time to come and take some photos of his workbench. He said it was a good opportunity for him to clean it off. That time went well and I included in the photo some tools I used years ago when I attended a vocational school and made a pair of shoes!! That is a book for another time.

I was thrilled to get home and import the photos and select just the right one. I sent it off to Bob knowing he’d appreciate seeing it. He did. He also told me it might be “good” to photoshop out the blue top to the Jiffy peanut butter jar we had used to prop up my first efforts at hand stitching on leather, which is the small red tool belt in the photo. We have laughed about that more than once. 

I will include both photos so you can smile, too! 

Beyond the Mountain of Affliction 

Coming up next . . .Day # 6 of my countdown to the launch of my book! 


  1. Great to hear more of the background to getting that perfect shot for each devotional, Lynn! What a gift for each of those people to know that they have contributed to your book. I can't wait for Sunday to come, so that I can finally open your ebook devotionals to ponder over. You know how much your photos speak to me, Lynn! God bless.

    1. Kerryn - it is fun to know you are "waiting" for the Book Launch date to start reading in the E-book! And with you in Australia - go ahead and read on "your Feb. 12"!! :)



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