Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Getting Closer to "Book Launch Day"!!

The Launch date for my book, is drawing nigh! 

 My CPA is giving me a "launch party" at a club where he and his family are members. It is on the water looking toward the city of Seattle! I have been busy doing the decor for the party - the fun part. 

The date is Sunday, February 12, 2017. 

We decided this to be the official launch date when the book will go wide distribution.

I am readying a FB author page for the week before the 12th to have those interested count down with me. I am readying an author page on Amazon although directing people away from Amazon for purchase other than the E-Book version. 

Amazon inflated my retail fee for the soft cover version by $17.00 and my hard cover version by $24.00 and giving me a profit of $0.59 whatever the print version.  Yikes!  I put the soft cover version online so people would know there IS a print version.

 I will be directing people to my publisher's website where the fees reflect what is true! 

Soft cover: $30.00 (the printer gets $21.00 of this fee)
Hard cover: $35.00 (the printer gets $26.00 of this fee)
E-Book: $9.99 (also this same fee on Amazon)

Here is a rundown of the 8.5 x 11 book's contents (also reflected in the E-Book version): 

60 devotional texts, each accompanied by a full page color photo that images the message in the text;

Book Resource section with over 100 titles!

Photo Credit section sharing the location and year each photo was taken;

Study Guide for Personal Reflection or Group Study, each text having its own follow up questions;

Further book ordering information;

Lynn's Spirited Comfort website address

At this time, the website is not quite ready to launch the same day. There have been delays beyond the control of me or the woman helping me. But it will come along in God's right time! 

It is exciting to bring you this update and I thank each of you for the prayers that have brought this project and me thus far. 

I was able to send out some gift copies of the book earlier than the launch date. 

Here are some bits of encouragement that have come back to me. How strange it feels to get the feedback (and so wonderful) when all the time these have been the hopes I have had for the book's purpose - to encourage those who read it. Now I am hearing it is. Praise God for that! 

  1.  Wow!!! How beautiful.
  1. The more I use your book the more amazing it becomes.
  1. Oh, my! What a stunningly beautiful and tender book! 
  1. I don't know how to explain it, but I was moved to tears throughout looking at the book, there is just something so magical and powerful about it.  I think it is just because you poured all of your own time, effort, and heart into it.
  1. Lynn's very tender and comforting brand new book deserves to go viral.
  1. It is so beautiful and your words and photos inspire and minister to me.
  1. I finally began the journey with your book this morning. I'm teary and in awe of what has come up for me as I engaged the first question within the questions for the first devotional. Will come back to "part (b)" tomorrow! “Wow...if this is how engaging with Lynn's book is going to be, I'm even more excited to dive in!”
  1. Praising God for birthing this into the world!
  1. I think your book is so beautiful and worthwhile. Your style of writing is unique. It’s soft, yet challenging and filled with grace.
  1. Your rest in Him propels your message. The photos and writing are powerful, indeed!  Breathtaking and compelling.  
  1. Your book has brought comfort to my soul and the beautiful photos have cheered me up. 
  1. Your writing is spectacular and I am thrilled to own your book. 
  1. I am anxious to pursue copies for my [adult] children and we can discuss your message and encounters with the Holy Spirit in your spiritual writing. I am slowly reading and feel your spirit and deep faith  shared with me on every page of the book. 
  1.   . . . just as I was crying out to God for help to stop the pain I was experiencing - one devotional, one prayer, one reflection stopped the pain for the remainder of the day. 
Enjoy some of the preparations for the party decor!!

Each table will have one of these flower bouquets seen here in a heap, about how I felt getting them completed! They will be placed on square mirrors with some pink and silver hearts scattered around and hot pink and hot orange votive candle glass with lit candles shining out their beauty.

My cousin has offered to take photos at the event! 

I have created photo boards that share the journey of my getting some of the photos for the book.

"Travel Accessories" is the first devotional in the book. Below is its photo image. It seemed a given to incorporate this as people come in to the event and get "busy" with some things before they head onward to enjoy the rest of the party time!