Thursday, November 24, 2016

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day - 2016 - November 24

Among many blessings I’d be happy to share with you, on this year’s Thanksgiving Day, I am sharing what follows! 

In the wee hours of Wednesday, November 23, I sent off the FINAL approval of the interior of my manuscript file. “What does that mean?”, you ask. 

It means that after 12 months of hours and hours of advocating for changes needed with front cover design implementation, even more hours advocating for the changes needed in implementing interior graphic designs, and even more hours finding and requesting changes as the result of proofreading and formatting and alignment of texts with photos, and very little time needed to approve the gorgeous back cover and spine for the book that Brittany created - Seeking the Light of God’s Comforter---When Challenges Dim Our View is ready to go to the printer!!!

What next?

In 2-3 weeks, I will get two printed copies of the book and will need to review them to be sure nothing went awry in the printing process.

Technically, the book could then go wide distribution for sale but I am holding off on that until I am sure my website is in shape ( with me in shape to manage it). Currently, that is not the status. Those delays are circumstantial and God will see to that timing coming into the queue.

My hopes, at this time, is all could be ready mid-January but I will wait until I know God has switched the yellow cautionary light to green for “Go”!!

As I thank God for each of you, I also thank you for your prayers and encouragement in what has been a very long journey - yet one that is nearing its intended destination.

Seeking - as we on the publication team have lovingly been calling her - has been ultra-sounded beyond measure and I am more than elated to say, she is looking gorgeous. I can barely wait - but I will have to - for you to meet her!!

My love to all -  Lynn

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