Friday, May 13, 2016

Quick Postscript to April 30th "Publishing Saga Update"!!!

It was quite a long ramble when I updated you a couple of weeks ago! 

I felt a disclaimer or postscript was in order. 

I talked with my publisher and explained my confusion about paying a second time for template work, involving some photo graphics, that needed to be done. I had not originally chosen the smaller size book nor knew enough to question that choice.

She had seen my mock up notebook of the manuscript which is now the size we are going with. It seemed that along the way of this journey there could have been a change in plans regarding the finished size.

 However, we both were too involved that "in person" day to have that be a consideration. Too many other matters took precedence. 

I was at odds within myself, living with the uncertainty of what had actually happened in the process at the other end of what I knew - until after the fact of seeing what had been completed.

 I emailed my publisher and  was honest about my concerns.

I got a thoughtful reply and she took full responsibility for the decisions that had been made and offered me a refund of those monies. She agreed that I should not have to pay a "second time" to have the work done.

I was very grateful we could come to a mutual decision that was fair. 

Now, some more "wait-training" time - but waiting on the One who knows the right time for this project to become all it was meant to be.