Saturday, December 10, 2016

An Early Christmas Present!!

When last I posted, my final approval of the interior of my book had been sent to Amber, my project manager. Then came the wait for the printers to get it and, in turn, print 2 copies ( soft cover, hard cover) with arrival to me being around December 16th. I was to go through those copies to make sure nothing went awry with the printing and then send my final approval that printing could be done.

This past Monday, December 5th, the books arrived. Even Amber was shocked. She had sent me a note that they were on their way. Submitted for printing on Monday, November 28th, one week later UPS delivered Seeking.

That is better than any arrival by the stork!!

I opened the packages: each print version came in separate ones.

I sat on my couch, the couch where I have done all the work this past year in the publication process - the same couch where I have worked at my computer for the past 6 years that led up to publishing.

I opened and then turned each page in awe of what this has become. Seeing the book on my 13” laptop screen with the adjacent pages of text with their photos looked very ‘small’ but allowed me to review and send correction needs to the publishing team.

 Seeing the real book in its 8.5 x 11 size with full page colored photos took my breath away.

All the work, angst, and wonderings over the many years putting this all together and waiting for God’s right time, melted away. 

This IS the right time. I remain in awe.

I heard from Sherry today. She is now able to continue helping me learn the ins and outs of creating and managing my website. While she has needed time away, I have been writing content to have it ready when the website launches.

With all that is currently needed,  I have set the launch date for the book to be available on Monday, February 13, 2017. The website will launch the same day.

There will be an opportunity to sign up for the website postings before it goes “live”. I will share about that when the time comes. I will also be creating an “author page” on Facebook around mid January with pertinent information and some “previews of coming attractions”!

The journey continues as do I, as best I can! I am ever grateful to have you walking alongside me.

Merry Christmas to all!
Love, Lynn

image from Pinterest