Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WinterFest - Orcas Island - Part 4

Saturday, March 6
Morning Worship and Lecture

It was one beautiful sunny day!
This scene greeted me from my deck.

. . .and this scene greeted me arriving at Orcas Island Community Church! 

Our time together was then committed in worship to all that God had planned for the day.

Trinity Bell
Lighting of the Candle

I Arise Today

Psalm 108
"O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, . . .
 Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth;

Worship Bulletin 
Cover Artwork: Morning Colors
by Ellens

Merely Christian: A Compelling Invitation to a Larger Hope

I only "thought" I could cull from my notes taken as I listened to Earl speak. He says so much and says it well and I have a few notes but know where to head to find excepts he read in my own copies of Lewis' books. 

But they are not going to be "here". There is plenty for you to see of the amazing WinterFest God gave to those of us who were present.

I finally just gave in and listened and enjoyed the journey Earl took us on. 

He is so animated with joy and expression when he speaks, getting a good photo was also hard. This one I posted came the closest to his being "still" in the moment I clicked the shutter button!! 


  1. SPECIAL! I'm loving feeling a part of this journey with you, Lynn! Great photos to add to what it was like being there. Thanks! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Kerryn - I had not thought I'd do as many posts but there was a lot I wanted to share with folks who are following me in this "journey". I have one more to do - ran out of ommph, as you (we) say. It is the lovely Vesper service held at the church Sunday night. It was part of the church's regular worship Sunday evenings and after WinterFest was over. Because I stayed on to return home on Monday, I was doubly blessed to be a part of that evening. I know you will agree when you see it. And I'll love getting it posted so that can happen! LOL

      xo Lynn

  2. What a beautiful place Lynn - that could only have added to the special time you have had!

    1. Fiona - it is a most special place - made more special to me because of how my life has been blessed the times I have been there. Just driving up to that church floods me with memories of this journey that, in part, happened there - the part leading to publication.

      It was much different being there in March ( with its changing weather patterns and some stores not open ) than being there in July.

      But the people all remained as friendly and caring as ever. It is testimony that such qualities know no season!

      xo Lynn


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