Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WinterFest - Orcas Island Part 3

I am continuing to blog my WinterFest journey after returning home on Monday, March 7th! 

It was impossible to do more postings after the actual event began. I was trying to keep up with all that was happening, jotting down notes during the lectures, trying to journal - simply needing to let it all soak in.

I do want to bring you to the event and  I "think" I can through some photos and quotes. That is my hope! 

The short version is that it was simply an amazing three days and I came home exhausted, overwhelmed, and equally grateful.

March 4

I mentioned in my last blog entry, after the Friday evening lecture, what a delightful presence Earl Palmer brings to his teachings. After 50 years in ministry, he "retired" as Senior Pastor of University Presbyterian church in Seattle, Washington in 2006. He has far from retired, continuing to teach and minister. His scholarship, theological background, wide interest in the arts, among other giftings, is a joy to experience. By conference "end", I wanted to rush home and re-read all the Lewis' books he shared within the context of his lectures. His enthusiastic highlights, deep insights and exuberant readings had us all enthralled. 

It takes a team to plan such an event.

In acknowledging these gifted men in the photos below, I do not want to skip a thank you to those at the Orcas Island Community Church who made that environment one of gracious welcome. The church decor, the refreshments at each break and fellowship in the community room added a wonderful touch for all of us who gathered.  I met the most amazing, friendly people - both those visiting Orcas for the event and those who call Orcas and this church their home. 

Dick Staub: Pastor of Orcas Island Community Church
Founder and Director of The Kindlings, a relational movement seeking to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual an artistic legacy of Christians in culture. Thank you, Dick, for overseeing the moments of the days we gathered, for sharing your insights, and covering it all in prayer and God's guidance. You are so appreciated!

 Rev. Earl Palmer in the center
Our worship leaders, Jeff Johnson (Ark Music) and Brain Moss, musician and also the 
Associate Pastor at Orcas Island Community Church. 

I've shared my appreciation for Earl. Jeff and Brian gifted us by filling the environment with the music from their hearts. Through their talents our own hearts were drawn into a place of worship in song. I have known Jeff and his music for years - often have it playing to fill my home with the reminder of God's presence. Brian is a wonderful leader, as well, and a new "voice" to me. Together these men helped us get our focus where it belonged - on the One who had gathered us together at this special time. I know each life was touched. 

Next posting - 
the Saturday events, including our morning worship! 

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