Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Meditation for Holy Saturday

The women, along with John, had followed Him all the way and now, as Friday was easing out into Saturday, Mary found herself cradling the Son of God in her arms, dead and mangled. 

What could have been racing through her mind and memories? Was there even room for them amidst the horrors she had been witnessing?

Perhaps an echo broke through of the angel Gabriel’s words thirty-four years earlier. “Greetings, favored one! Do not be afraid for you have found favor with God. And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High . .” 

Her womb was fertile with Spirit life and Incarnation, deep in darkness where life grows and is birthed. . .

Now this. . .a lifeless form, a soul pierced as had been foretold by Simeon when the babe, Jesus, was brought to the Temple to be dedicated to the Lord. 

How do any of us face a crisis of grief, let alone a mother who has born a child within and then experiences terror at the foot of a Cross that rips him away from her? 

We know the outcome that was unfolding over the three days. Those at the foot of the Cross did not, even with anointed words echoing . . .Messiah. . . Son of the Most High. 

It was the soul piercing that was felt, that was real, that was agonizing.

Her babe, her son, the Son of the Most High was taken and placed in a darkened tomb, not unlike the gestation darkness when Mary was told she had found favor with God. Favor? 

Yet we know, and Mary came to know, that the favor of a new incarnation was being birthed in the soil of Saturday. Those outside the tombing wept. God the Father readied his Beloved Son to break forth. Abundance was yeasted from the terrors of the Cross. All that had been foretold would have its appointed time. 

I am asked, as was Mary, to sit in the soil of Saturday’s gestation as new life is readied. He is Risen and so am I risen with Him. 

Over and over again with each loss, with each hope unfulfilled, I can wait for the favor of my Savior who knows the appointed time being readied from the seed of life that formed me and has kept me. 

Mary came to know. I have known. 

Am I willing to wait, with a “soul magnifying the Lord, and a spirit rejoicing in God my Savior” for what has yet to be fulfilled? With the recollection of what Mary experienced, and what God has promised, I can say, “Amen”.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Lynn. As I read this we have already been celebrating Easter Sunday and the joy that comes with Christ's resurrection.

    "He is Risen and so am I risen with Him" - your words struck a chord with me as we'd finished our service with a question "Christ is risen, but are we?"

    Grateful to be journeying with you in the light of His resurrection, today and always.

    1. A blessed Easter, Fiona - although I know there in Australia you are hours ahead of those of us in the USA. Gratefully, we can celebrate Easter every day.

      What a great question to ponder at this time of year. "Christ is risen but are we?" It is one of the questions we can flip easily to the answer, "Sure I am." But often we may not act as if we are - even when we "feel" as we often do and can allow that to determine what is real in terms of being overcomers at what this life throws at us. His strength is our armor and his Presence with us is ever present. That is the truth.

    2. ooops - hit the wrong button and my response flew off.

      I wanted to add how much I appreciate journeying with you, too, and how excited I am for your new writing venture which I know is going to bless many.


  2. Love your phrase "the soil of Saturday." YES!! <3

    1. I did love when that phrase dropped into my thoughts! It seemed to go deeper than "sitting" which can imply inactivity and we know, in fact, there is incarnation going on while we wait.

      xo Sis


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