Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Excerpt # 3 "Looking at the Glass, Lightly"

Lord, every day I see glimpses of beauty amidst the more marred parts of your created world. Help me recognize your touch, especially in my life events that are hard to understand. Knowing you understand can bring me a peaceful contentment. Amen.

Lynn L. Severance. "Seeking the Light of God's Comforter When Challenges Dim Our View" 8. "Looking at the Glass, Lightly" . Redemption Press. 


  1. Stunning photo that really tells a story, Lynn! It makes me wonder who else has looked through that window & what were they thinking & feeling at the time? Who sat on that seat watching the world go by? And now I'm looking through that window all the way from my loungeroom in Australia! Thanks for letting me peek through this window! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Kerryn - this image does evoke many thoughts. I saw this window placed in a setting as "decor" in the outside area of a restaurant that is out in the country. The husband and wife team that own the restaurant and land each contribute to the ambience: he an excellent chef and she a gardener who has flair for the unique. This window is set in a wooden divider so the side of the image is seen by guests who choose to eat in the patio area. Yet beyond the window is where guests can enter the garden area that is fairly extensive. We see just the beginnings of it through the window. A ways to the left of the window - this side of the window - is the "penny-farthing" bicycle that is in the devotional "Lead the Way, Lord". Four photos I used in the book were taken on the same day at a location called "Molly Ward Gardens". You'll find them as you comb through the photo credits.

      All that said, I love the questions you bring up for pondering. . .and that you are looking at and through the window as you sit in your lounge room in Australia!!

      xo Lynn


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