Sunday, January 20, 2013

Through the Fog . . . To the Music

Through the Fog . . . To the Music

This past summer, August 4th, was a sunshine bright, comfortably warm, blue skies day in the Seattle area. It was a day that lived up to the song lyrics: 

“The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Seattle.” 

Ah, I was so excited! 

I had been waiting months for this day. I had set aside the date to drive downtown, an 18 mile distance from my home. It was important to arrive at 1p.m. which was when tickets went on sale to the public for a future concert in the gorgeous Benaroya Concert Hall.

 This concert was to feature trumpet virtuoso, Chris Botti, in appearance with the Seattle Symphony. 

Ah, again!

Chris Botti is such a favorite musical artist to millions internationally, but all I cared about is that he is a favorite of mine. I could have ordered tickets online but I preferred to deal with a live person at the box office who I knew would search out the best seats I could afford. Of course, I figured there would be a long line as Chris Botti is so popular. 

I arrived in record time, got a quick parking space in the concert hall garage, (free for folks purchasing tickets), found my way upstairs. and not one soul was in the lobby. But a wonderful clerk was at the box office! He had me set up in no time with a ticket for an exceptionally low fee. I would be sitting in the center section on the main floor, six rows from the stage. 

How could I let this joy-filled day in Seattle pass me by and not drive over to our city’s Pike Place Market Center, which was only 3 blocks from the concert hall?  Here, the aisles are filled with vendors selling:

 fresh produce,
 fresh seafood, 
craft items,
 all kinds of wares,
the most abundant 
array of fresh flowers.

 I am sure the flowers would fill up acres were they still growing in the fields. This section of the market is one feast for the eyes. 

It seemed that all Seattleites had found their way to the market this sunny day. It took 3 trips around a series of blocks to finally find a parking spot that would meet my needs. I did not plan to stay long, just long enough to buy some flowers to commemorate the joy of the day. 

Yes, a 30 minuted parking space was just the one for me! 

Photos were snapped, bouquets bought for a song of a price, and I was on my way back home exclaiming, 

“Oh, what a wonderful day,” 
and thanking God for all that had transpired.

That was August and the months rolled by. As I turned the calendar to the new year’s January pages,  January 17th was shining forth like a beacon!

Unlike the sunny skies of summer in Seattle, we were having cold weather, some rain, and the day before the concert date, unusual fog - low lying fog - and it was not expected to lift. 

With some anxiety, but more faith than anxiety, I anticipated the drive to the concert to be paved with the light of my anticipation, if not the bright light of the August summer day. I had 4 miles of road to drive from my home to reach the interstate freeway. I was open to common sense prevailing, as well.

The whole evening was quite an experience, on all levels. The roads were dry, the visibility driving to the concert was clear enough as the strong lights that bordered the freeway beamed down. Yes, fog was evident in their stream but not in the path of the road where I needed to see. It was early evening and the taillights of many cars also helped light the way.

I was reminded of a Scripture verse from Psalm 119:105a:

“By your words I can see where I’m going;
they throw a beam of light on my dark path” 
(The Message).

The desires set forth on that sunny summer day had found their fulfillment route opened. God calmed flickers of anxiety and nudged me to trust Him to clear the way! It meant seeking his music in spite of the fog. What a metaphor for our lives - at least for our lives with Him as our Guide.

His Light brought joy to my soul even with the fog evidenced, as I was safe inside the light, not the fog. It almost felt as if I was suspended in the scene and not doing the driving, although I was at the wheel.

It reminded me that when my life path is shrouded in fog, I need to listen for his guidance; to either wait, to cautiously walk a ways, or to know I can move ahead. He often brings songs during the dimmer times in my life. I know it is Him as my circumstances are scored in minor notes. I need his Presence to ward off any fears and to hear the song He has for me, the one He recored before all time. He knows each section of my life's road and when I will need a stronger touch from Him.

I would have missed a gorgeous evening, saturated in the beauty of those using their gifted musical talents to fill the hearts and souls of those present. I would have missed lively conversation with those who sat next to me and near me when there was an intermission break. All were experiencing joy!

The fog was heavier en route home at 10 p.m. and the roads less populated. Highway signs were barely visible until I was right to them. Once off the freeway, it was nearly eerie. But I knew the road. I knew the One at the wheel with me. I had the music of his Presence as well as the literal music from the evening filling me to the brim. It outshone any fog and will be a bright remembrance when other dim-filled times are present in my life.

It was not summer, but summertime was surely evident! 

The following song and artist were part of the Seattle evening.

featuring Caroline Campbell 
in Warsaw “here” - in Seattle 1/17


  1. A beautifully-told story, Lynn. So glad you were able to enjoy the concert, as well as the anticipation leading up to it. Thanks for giving us this glimpse into your world.

    1. Lisa, it is my joy to share my adventures ( and victories ) here.

      Thank you for appreciating the journey as it unfolds!

  2. I had a bus adventure into Seattle last summer and walked a couple blocks to the Market for the beauty of those huge $5 bouquets of sweet peas. Then back on the bus up the hill to a hospital to deliver the flowers to a friend. Such joy!

    1. Oh, yes, Connie!

      You'd know the joy of the Market.

      There is no place quite like it in the summer months and all those flowers. I, too, am a lover of sweet peas and always hope to get to the Market during their season and stock up - not that they last long but while they do - pure bliss. And short of raising one's own garden, the price for the size of the bouquets is close to "free"! :)

      I am sure you blessed your friend in the kindness of sharing the bounty.

  3. Brought back all my memories of reveling in Pike Place Market in September!! Love the photos. :)

    1. Thanks!

      The photos help bring back the memories in all their glory.

  4. Thanks Lynn for sharing this beautiful story as it unfolded. I almost felt as though I was with you for much of this. I wish I HAD been with you. What a wonderful evening for you. I'm so happy that you had that opportunity. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers with us. They warmed my heart on this very cold and windy, snowy winter eve. Thank you for sharing the wonderful music with us as well. God bless you, my dear friend. xo

  5. Heather - oh, how fun it would have been to have you with me to enjoy the evening.

    I, too, find the memory of the summer fragrance of the flowers a balm as our weather also has turned quite cold - at least cold for us!

    God's blessings to you, too - always!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.

    L. xo

  6. Another beautiful post, Lynn! You so captured the wonder of Pike Place Market in the summer. It is always an inspiration to read your words.
    Carole Leigh

    1. Thank you, Carole Leigh.
      We are blessed to live in an area that sparkles on such a summer day.
      On a rainy, gray day, such as today, it is nice to slip back to re-visit the sun!
      Hope to see you soon.

  7. Oh Lynn! What a beautiful description of your experience! And the pictures are just lovely. You shared in such a way that it was easy to picture being there. :-) It was timely of the Lord to allow me to read this when I did. He brought a smile to my heart with the description of your experience. And He opened my heart to the lesson of allowing myself to be strenthened and uplifted by the "sunshiny" day memories when we hit a dark, foggy season. God is good in all our seasons. Thank you for the reminder and reassurance of that fact. Gentle hugs... <3BeBe

    1. BeBe - I am so grateful to read your enthusiastic comments.

      I am more than happy to have your "company" on this trip, if only in retrospect.
      I pretty much wrote it in the way I experienced it - immediately had the inspiration when I hit the road.

      I had been wanting inspiration to do a new blog entry. I cannot write until God sends some my way. Then, I cannot stop writing until it is done!

      it is ever nice to have you stop by. :)

  8. Lynn, as others have shared, it was wonderful to share the experiences with you as you described it all so we could "see" with you.
    I remember my visit to Pike Place Market and the wonderful display of flowers. On a very wet day in Seattle, they brightened our experience.
    Always lovely to read your posts and all you share to make us think :)
    Blessings, Fiona

    1. Fiona - thank you!
      This posting from 2013 accidentally got sent out again - not sure why other than maybe some new eyes would be seeing it.

      Actually, I was grateful to read it again as I had "forgotten" the post and the experience was a memory I may or may not have brought up readily. As new "fogs" have arisen it is a message good for me to remember.

      xo Lynn

    2. Did think it sounded a little familiar Lynn - plenty of fog in my head, so don't always remember!!

    3. I DO understand about being "in a fog", Fiona.
      I guess that is why it was nice to re-read this message

  9. Sorry Lynn, I'm trying to figure this out. By using your post.

    1. LeAnn - unlike many others who have told me they cannot figure out the was this "commenting" works, your note did get through - or part of what you wanted to say got through. That is a victory and for that I say, "Thank you"!!

  10. Lynn,

    You have such a beautiful way of describing life experiences and making them visible for those who are not present or maybe cannot even see at all. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and were really able to embrace God's true masterpieces. Much love to you, my friend, and I am glad you had such a beautiful day; you deserved it!

    1. Shelby - many thank yous.
      As I noted above in another comment, this posting from 2013 got sent out again though some glitch in the system. But I was glad to read it, too, as it brought back all the memories of that time and that experiences - with some good reminders to me all these 3 years later!!

      Much Love to you, too!


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