Tuesday, January 1, 2013



But the land you are crossing the Jordan 
to take possession of 
is a land
 of mountains and valleys 
that drinks rain from heaven. 
It is a land the Lord your God cares for; 
the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it 
from the beginning of the year 
to its end
(Deuteronomy 11:11-12).

     On the first day of each new year, I read this Scripture passage. It is a reminder that another year has arrived which will hold seasons of days. It seems a new beginning, a fresh slate for hopes and dreams; promises fulfilled. I want to take possession of what God has for me and at the same time, I want what He has for me to be very very good!

In the days leading up to the new year, 

as I am in the boat crossing the Jordan 
and leaving the shoreline of the year past

I ponder the days of the old year. I extract its highlights and if possible, peruse my daily journal entries to be reminded of the cries of my heart and the joys of my heart that I recorded so I’d not forget them. 

Some of these times stand out without going back to their written remembrances. 

In recall, through the written words, 
in the moments that they occurred, 

when all was fresh in the unknowing of what was to come, 
in the wondering, 
in the despairing,
in the prayers typed out,
in Scriptures that brought hope,
in the rejoicing of times of delight,

I am grateful I took time to record the days.

Yes, there definitely were mountains and there definitely were valleys. There were also the days where life went on as is usual with the basic tasks that each of us need to accomplish.
 I came through them all! 
It is important to remember this reality because I will face joys and challenges in the year ahead. 
Knowing what lies behind, I garner up confidence walking into the unknowns of the new days to come. I will walk with the awareness of God’s faithfulness to me during all of my past days. 
He guided me then. 
He will guide me with the fresh steps I take 
if I choose to let him.

True, the Lord cares about the land and the year, but He cares about me more. 
His presence is steadfast. 
His eyes are continually on me. 
He desires me to cooperate with him. 
He accompanies me with his grace.
I need not dwell on each day of the whole new year. That would be overwhelming. God sees those days ahead. I release them into his hands. I commit to accepting his grace as I live out one day at a time. 

Will I discover it to be a mountain day
 or a valley day 
or somewhere in between? 

Maybe it will be a day comprised of all three!

As I read this Scripture, I know that I will have questions as some of my days emerge.
 That is alright. 
The seasons from my other years 
have helped me to recognize 
that my not- knowing is 
simply part of God’s all-knowing. 

He sees the land’s obstacles. 
      I trust and follow his lead. 
    I become a seasoned traveler by 
choosing to accept 
both the mountain and the valley days

Each nourishes me as I drink the rain from heaven,
God’s presence itself.

 Lord, you are my constant comforter 
as I face the seasons of my life 
and the unknowns of each new day. 
Thank you for being 
my hope, 
my trust, 
and my guide 
as I treasure You in each moment.

Mt. Baker

as viewed from 
Mt. Constitution
Orcas Island, Washington
Photo by Lynn


  1. Lynn,

    Great photo! Wonderful reflection of last year and trusting forward focus.

    Loved the "not- knowing is simply part of God’s all-knowing" - that makes sense to me.

    I haven't quite got to reviewing my last year, but thanks for your words and your encouragement in all we've shared.

    This blog was a great accomplishment for you last year!

    Blessings in this new year,

  2. Fiona - thank you for your kind comments and the blessings!
    All are appreciated so very much. You are appreciated!

    I don't always get to as much "reviewing" of my journal entires as I'd like.
    I type up my daily thoughts so they are on my computer until I print them off and put them into a 3-ring binder notebook. I used to do the entries all by hand before I had my computer. When I get around to printing the pages off, that seems a better time to do a bit of review and I always "plan" to do more at year's end! The intention it there but whether I get to a lot or a little, I do ponder the year and all that God has done. . .and am grateful.

    I surely had not a clue I'd be doing a blog! Every entry still seems a miracle to me.
    I pray for new inspiration as this new year unfolds.

    Love to you!

  3. Lynn - this is lovely! It is a poem from your heart in my eyes. I'd not realized the content of that verse. It's one of the things I love about reading blogs of other Christian writers - so many verses that I'd overlooked hold so much meaning. God bless you richly in this New Year! Love, deni

    1. God bless you, too, deni!

      I have appreciated reading others' blog entries ( certainly love yours!).
      God fills each of us with insights as He is so personal in meeting our needs.

      We glean from Him and we glean from the gifts He has given to others.
      To me, it is one among many amazing graces He bestows.


  4. Beautiful thoughts, Lynn! I'm so glad you have continued to blog as you have so much to offer this community. I loved that verse from Deuteronomy ... hadn't picked up on that nugget before. I must confess that while I wasn't blogging, I also wasn't reading many blogs but I'm thinking I should go back
    and read yours. I know there is much to glean there.

    I posted a Reply over on my blog to your comment on my recent post. Will you be notified of that? Was wondering how you would know it was there unless you went back to my post. Still learning how all of this works!!

    Blessings in the New Year!

    1. Hi Lori - so good to read your comments. Thank you.

      You are more than welcome to roam around my blog - love having your company here.

      I do get a notice via my gmail acct. when someone makes a comment on my blog.
      If I have their email address - or a gmail address shows up in the email notice that I get, I respond to them with the same response I have here.

      Otherwise, I have no idea if they saw it - much as you are saying for your own replies. I would not have known you commented but I did go and see your reply after reading this!

      Blog sites are set up differently. This particular one - and you are also on blogger - notifies the blog author when a comment appears. But replies to that comment by someone else means checking back as there is no notice.

      I wish there was another means. Our mutual friend has her comments through a different program and so any response she has made, comes to folks' email box.

      I am still learning, too - or I'd like to learn more if there was a way to access answers to questions!

      Hugs to you!

  5. Happy New Year Lynn! So happy to fInd your blog! Love your post, obviously shared from the deepest places of your heart of trust in our Heavenly Father. What blessed thoughts and insights to take into a new year for all of us. Love that scripture...the prayer and that amazing picture! Thank you for being a blessing! Gentle hugs...BeBe<3

    1. BeBe - I am elated that you found my blog. How nice for me and also it is nice to read your kind comments.

      I pray your year will be one full of blessings.

      Do come back, though I am not sure when I will have my next posting. I am waiting on some inspiration! :)

      Love, Lynn

  6. Lynn, Thank you so much. May your year be full of God's blessings as well! With so many things going on, your writing is like a breath of fresh air...like a letter from a friend. :-) In His timing, God will give you what He wants to impart to others through you. And we'll be blessed for it. Love and gentle hugs, dear one...BeBe<3

    1. Your words inspire me, BeBe.
      Many thanks for them!


  7. Lynn, I also feel such a heart connection with your words and picture of Mt. Baker; having seen this same view myself in person, I know how absolutely spectacular it is. Each of us need to review the "seasons" of our lives from Gods perspective and have that help us grow spiritually. I love to hear what you have to say dear spiritual sister.

    1. Lola, it is nice to feel that connection with you knowing you have gazed at that same spectacular mountain.

      I felt to blessed to see it on the day I drove the route up to the top of Mt. Constitution as often the clouds are covering the view. But not THAT day! It was a moment captured in time and spoke so deeply to me of God's majesty that is overlooking us at all times and at the same time, He is walking with us.

      Thank you for your comments of care and for stopping by my blog!


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