Thursday, May 2, 2019

Global Women in Leadership

Global Women in Leadership Network
Women Finding Women in Unexpected Places 
for God-Ordained Reasons

We foster global relationships among women encouraging and equipping them to live out their calling.

We envision on every continent women leaders encouraging and equipping others to live out their calling.

I am grateful to be part of this team as a “resident advisor’ since 2013 (and informally for some years before that) which has meant  a variety of supportive efforts. 

While some on our team can literally go overseas from the USA and work with women in Third World countries, my call is using social media and my writings to encourage and facilitate groups online for those finding themselves in the ‘unexpected places" of chronic pain/illness/conditions. 

Among these participants are those in other parts of the world from where I live, including many in the United States. 

I have also been able to work on website input, graphic designing of brochures, and participate in the annual board 3 day retreat gatherings where ‘the team’ comes to Seattle so I can easily travel to be with them! 

Take a peek as to what we are all about by clicking on these words! 

Take a peek to ‘my part’ and a current update on my life by clicking on these words. 

Cindy Bohnett, Lynn, and Anastasia Hansel
at a Seattle event 4 years ago! 
(three of our six team members)

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  1. I loved reading more about you at the link, Lynn. But sorry to hear about your continued health struggles. :( I'm sorry, friend. You hang in there. I'll look forward to reading your newest book when you get it finished. Love you!


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