Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Update: Countdown to Printing - Nearing Publication!!!

It is hard to believe that one year ago I made the appointment for a phone consultation with Redemption Press publisher, Athena Dean Holtz  to talk about the publication of my book, Seeking the Light of God’s Comforter—When Challenges Dim Our View. 

One week later, a terms of contract agreement was sent, some adjustments made, and a publication date of February, 2016 was determined. 

Obviously, God’s timing has reigned regarding that date.

Along this year journey, we all have learned a lot about complexities my book has needed in terms of design implementation, formatting needs, and the essential editing and proofreading. There were also circumstantial delays.

Thank you for your continuing prayers as we are nearing - and I say this cautiously - the finish line.

Overseeing all that follows, has been Amber Payne, Redemption Press’ Senior Project Manager. What a joy it is to work with her! 

From September 27 to October 4, 2016, I had the privilege of working again with Inger Logelin, Redemption Press’ Senior Editor. Last December she was the copyeditor for my manuscript as we stepped more directly into the process of getting Seeking started on her journey. Inger, walked me through some needs for the word-for-word proofreading, some which she did and then turned it over to me. “We” were ruthless about this part of the process as we emailed back and forth and finally declared Seeking ready to send off to the typesetters.

Formatting, which took 3 rounds and went from the end of July until mid September, had already been completed with the typesetters. Their next job was to make the proofreading changes.

Today, October 7, those have been returned to me and I will, without rushing, go through the entire manuscript again checking for any corrections needed from the input Inger and I gave them.

Meantime, Redemption Press’ graphic designer, Brittany Torres, will begin work next week on the spine and back cover design for the book.  I will have input on this but ultimately, it is her design, unlike my cover design and interior graphics which I had submitted to be readied for printing. 

When the current typesetting, spine and back cover design are approved, all goes to the printers. They will send me one copy each of the hard cover and soft cover versions for my approval.  Rarely is there a mishap in printing, but this safeguard is in place.

Simultaneously, there will be a team readying the eBook version. I have yet to “meet” them but what they format will also be sent to me for review and approval. 

Once all these “approvals” are met, 
the book is ready for printing and publication.

I have been working to ready a website, grateful for Sherry Sparks who showed up in my life and is guiding me through this HUGE learning curve. When I feel the website, my managing the website, and an email list of initial subscribers to the website has been established - the book will be ready for wide distribution. Just in time for holiday consideration! 

I’ll be posting here, and elsewhere, the good news. 
Few  will be able to miss it!! 

I’ll not be taking down my blog, but further writing will be via my website once it launches.  Information about the book, purchase options, and some behind the scenes of the journey creating the book will be among the offerings available there. Equally, if not more important, will be reflections the Holy Spirit prompts me to write.

This is one update I am excited to share!! 


  1. Lynn I can't tell you how very excited I am about the printing and publishing of your wonderful book. I feel like I have watched you walk this pathway and have been a small part in seeing it all come into place... a marvelous and wonderful place, my lovely and talented friend. The best is yet to come because all is lead by the Holy Spirit in you. Love you my friend and I can't wait to get my copy for my coffee table... Hugs, Nancy Dittert

    1. Ah, Nancy - my birthday twin! You have been a HUGE part of my journey from the start with our both being devotional writers for RM. I remember the day we actually met (online) and it WAS our birthday day. What a fun memory that is.

      Truly, all has been led by His Spirit and I know the rest of the way will be paved as i take the next steps.

      You don't have to dust your coffee table off right "now" - but you may have that dusting rag ready!!

      Love and Hugs -

  2. I can't express my excitement and joy for you, Lynn, as you are so close to the final product of your book. You have worked so hard for so long and I am looking forward to seeing it on my own coffee table as well. I will, of course, be recommending it to everyone I know once it is published to eBook. Much love to you, my friend, and continued prayers for blessings on your journey. Of course, you are free to "count me in" for your website email list! -Shelby

    1. Thank you, Shelby!!

      It is a joy to continue receiving your friendship and encouragement - and definitely your prayers.

      With printing much closer (relatively) than it has been, I have a lot to do yet there is excitement to see these last stages coming together.

      Stay tuned!
      Much Love,

  3. Lynn,
    Congratulations on all you have accomplished and nearing the finish line with your new book!
    God Bless You!

    1. Thank you, Karlton!

      You have been a part of this journey and it is nice to share that one goal is nearing completion. Each step of this process has clearly been important and, as you know, there have been frustrations along the way. Your prayers have helped bring me to where it is now. I am most grateful!

      Blessings back!

    2. I know you are excited to be near the end of the journey with the book, and I'm pleased to see what you have accomplished. I look forward to your announcement of its completion and the joy and satisfaction it will bring for all your hard work.

    3. Thank you, Karlton! I look forward to that announcement, too, and definitely will be letting you know!

  4. Sooooooo excited to read this Lynn!! It's finally nearly delivery time! Woo hoo! Yippee! Praise the Lord!
    It will be wonderful to finally have that book (probably in ebook form) in my hands. It's been a long time coming, but worth doing it properly in God's perfect timing & with careful attention to details.
    Praying for the Lord to guide the last of the processes in preparation for publication & of your new website. Congrats buddy! God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Whew, Kerryn!

      It may be time for me to enter Lamaze classes to be ready for the "birthing event"!!! LOL

      I join in your excitement, though, and have treasured you and your prayers each step of the way - and in the days ahead. God and his guidance remains the cornerstone - and his timing.



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