Saturday, July 23, 2016

Coming to a Milestone with Publication - Still Some Miles to Go!!

Okay, my lovely ones who are persevering with me on this journey - now ten months long with the self publication aspect - here is some news!

This past week I received the FIRST full look at my entire manuscript from the typesetter. 

They are the ones that ready the manuscript for printing. 

My job now is to go through every word and page alignment (text and photos) and okay it or ask that what is not "right" be re-done. 

It is quite more "real" to see this PDF and how all has been put together. There are many needs I am addressing as I go through it in regard to formatting and have run into a few typos of my own.

Gratefully, as I am self-publishing, I have the final okay.

Once I get through this stage, I will submit it and any corrections will be made (hopefully) and I will get it back for another "go through".

There is one interior graphic that was not implemented correctly and that re-do will take place once the graphic designer is back from her honeymoon mid-August. 

I have no clue ( have not been told) as to how long it will take when all of this formatting/typesetting is completed for the books to be printed - they will be sending me a few "free ones"!! 

An eBook will be prepared elsewhere once all is okayed for printing. It is possible that printing may  be done before I am ready to launch the book for sale. There is a lot more I need to seek out in terms of information about the business side of this and I want to be clear before the book is launched.

I am kept on a pretty short leash regarding information as the publisher believes in one step at a time. 

I am still seeking (and have word out) for a website teacher who will take me on in person to complete a website. A website  was barely begun with help online in April but that instructor "left" with promises of returning. I realize I do need someone "at my elbow" to help me navigate this process. I learned a lot in the two weeks the online instructor was with us but am now very lost in implementing what I learned.

 I have the vision for the website which is a plus. If you'd please pray for this need, I am most appreciative.

As I have said all along, the timing of when this all comes together IS in God's hands. As frustrating as the delays have been - more correctly the human reasons for the delays - they are all working toward good. 

The finished book is going to be a wonder! I can barely wait to have "her" available to nourish and encourage others.

Below are photos taken in 2011 as  I readied notebooks of the full manuscript for those who said they would endorse my book. My workspace (the rug and my couch) are most lovely, don't you think!!

However, this will give you a peek at the size the book will be (8.5 x 11). The image is a watercolor done for the text message it reflects. There are 5 such watercolors in the book which were done specifically for it. The rest of the images are 55 full page color photos of real life images - not sketches. And there are 5 interior graphics which are photos used as "headers" with some text flowing out of them. 

Okay - off to work I go and am glad to update you as we round the bend going into August.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!!!
xo  Lynn


  1. Closer and closer to birthing this baby! :) So exciting to see the pages. Praying for you to find a great web person for that end of things. Can't wait to have a copy of your beautiful book in my hands one day!

    1. Closer and closer - true. When I think of all that is left to be done in this process, I have to get the perspective of how much has happened in these 10 months (let alone the 6 years before seeking publication)!! A few more months - not that "long"! Thanks, Lisa. I look forward to your holding a copy, too. :)

  2. How incredibly exciting to have your entire manuscript in your hands to check through, Lynn!! I know it has a way to go & much more checking of word by word & page by page.... but how amazing this is! Continuing to pray that what needs correcting will jump off the page at you! Sooooo looking forward to buying either the "real" book or the ebook! God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. True, Kerryn - it looks very real if only on the computer!! I am very visually busy right now but trusting to see what God brings me to see. There will be many more "go throughs" after this first one so we will be doing this until all is looking as good as "we" can get it. Look forward to when you can see it all for real - and really "real!!!!


  3. So excited to read this latest news Lynn and see you rounding another bend in the road on this journey!
    Praying as you continue on....

    1. I am rounding another bend, Fiona! It is getting closer even with much more work to do. I know your prayers will keep me "going!!!

      Thanks, my friend!


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