Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Blessings As We Head Toward Christmas

Photo from Lynn's Christmas Apartment Decor - 2011


  1. LOVE the photo Lynn! What a fabulous setting. Something I'd love in my house too.... right down to the crocheted cloth! Had no Christmas decorations this year, due to reno & paint, so I can enjoy yours instead.

    Finally catching up on your posts & RM devotionals. I'm sitting inside in my outdoor recliner in A/C at friend's new house with eldest 2 sons...... well actually eldest is asleep on my bed! They just returned a day early from camping holiday, as too hot to stay camping..... it's 42C (107.6F) today! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    1. Kerryn - you have been much in thought and prayers while you are away from your home. F. has been keeping our RM group updated a bit and it sounds like it has been most challenging.

      Thanks for taking the time to catch up. This photo was from a couple of years ago and I had ever the trouble getting much decor up this year and last year ( 2013) was with my brother so no decorations were in my apt. then.

      However, the scene in this photo is in place all year long - not a Christmas decor and the crocheted piece under the candle holders was a gift from a women I met and was able to stay with for a time in Oxford. So that setting is a bit of a "thank you" corner that is atop my entertainment center.

      Hoping you will be back and settled in your real home very soon and then time to heal up from the ordeal. Whew - have missed you so.

      xo Lynn


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