Thursday, September 4, 2014

Serendipity Moments

I think there will be many moments in days ahead when I happen upon something or have some experience that I will record on my blog. They are often called, "serendipity" times - seeming to happen by chance but bringing delight. 

If looked at closely - they may hold more for me to see! 

I am going through some boxes of treasures set aside. You know those kinds of boxes. They are “sort of” organized but ( in my case), they are more by topics with hopes to fine tune later.

The box I took out tonight is marked:

 Lynn’s Writings and Art Designs.

One of the treasures is a letter I wrote and my mother sent to my grandmother “from me” when I was in Kindergarten. 

Apparently, I had quite a sense of style back then. 

Apparently I had a lot to say but not the skills yet 
to create many words.

 I was wanting  to tell my grandmother all about my birthday. 

How wonderful that my mother kept this among her belongings and later passed it along to me or I’d not have it to bring these moments of delight looking back at the beginnings of who I have become.

Also in this box were some words I penned approximately 53 years later in 2001, some months after my mother’s death. I was at a writers’ critique group and we were given an exercise to do. 

Here is what came forth - poured out from a heart in grief but not unlike the Kindergarten younger Lynn who had a lot to say and had to express it in some fashion.

This exercise is to incorporate all of the following words into an article, short story, poem or whatever comes to mind. You must use all of the words ( in any order) to complete the exercise but the context in which they are used is up to you.Think about the words for a few minutes before you start to write and see what pictures come to mind - then see if you can weave them all together into a piece of writing. You have ten minutes.

Powerful. Deep. Change. Spring. Glass. 
Star. Brush. Special. Shaking. Poor

My legs were shaking as I crumpled into the seemingly deep spring grass. It was evening and the deep feelings inside my grief-filled soul were powerful - such a change from a year ago at this time. My spirit seemed poor, robbed of the presence of my Mother with whom my whole life had been shared. Life seemed to be lived and seen as through an opaque glass. . . not quite the clarity I am used to. 

Lifting my eyes to the darkened sky, a brush stroke of stars washed their way across the night and with the twinkling of the view. . . a special stirring flickered within. Perhaps my Mom’s presence, still within me, could be seen 

as the memories in each star light, 
as the twinkle that once lit her eyes,
 in the life her artist’s paint still wanted 
to brush into the life I am yet to live.


  1. Beautiful post, Lynn. You are a gifted writer and an inspiration to me.

    1. Carole Leigh - as we both taught 1st grade, I am so grateful my mother kept some drawing I did at that time and passed them along. I know you must have some saved as a parent and hold them dear. I do recall many - a few I have kept - for loving students. The do bring joys.

      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!

      Love, Lynn

  2. Oh my!! Both pieces of writing had me teary, Lynn.

    There's something very precious & beautiful about the initial writing of a young child who understands this new method of communication & is uninhibited by the exactness of spelling & words!! Pure gold!

    The last gift my Dad gave me for my birthday, just 2 months before he died, was a CD. It's of me "reading" a book to him at age 4.... all memorized exactly as if I'm actually reading it & turning the pages appropriately. A precious gift indeed & one that took much thought & energy as the motor neuron disease racked his body & reduced his abilities to that of a young child!! Wooh.... am teary again!! Lotsoluv Kerryn xo

    1. I know that we both love children and so do have those feelings. It was even much more impacting to see something I had drawn and written at a young age.

      And - so beautiful to read of the CD your father left for you with your reading to him at age 4!! What a special man he had to be to think of such a perfect gift for you. Now you have me teary eyed.

      Lynn xo


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