Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving My All, With Thanks

I wrote this devotional in 2009, originally posted by Rest Ministries (an online Christian site for those living in chronic pain or with chronic conditions). It bears a message for this season and any season. 

It holds a reminder that whether we are in crisis or merely facing some of the daily human challenges that can appear, it is the blessings in our life that need the focus of our attention. 

As those of us who live in the USA gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for each of you who take the time to stop by and read my thoughts. 

God bless you!

“They all gave out of their wealth; 
but she, out of her poverty, put in everything
—all she had to live on” (Mark 12:44).
 I have had one vision of this verse - a poor woman with her widow’s mite - willingly dropping that fraction of a penny into a basket.
Now I recognize some of my attitudes, the ones glued to the bottom of my all basket, that need emptying. 
I can be downright selfish when it comes to giving my all. Many days, as I am forced to rest on my couch, my pain is my all and little else seems possible.
Then, I view all that is around me and I observe abundant blessings. God has not stopped giving his all to me. I am provided for as I remain isolated from much of the world outside these walls. 
More importantly, 
his Presence is here with me in the stillness.
I war with feelings of envy as others go about their busy lives during my season of more limitations. It truly is an arrogance, a questioning of God’s plan for my life. 
He knows what He is doing. I am far from possessing the qualities displayed by the woman praised in this Scripture verse. Her qualities are worthy goals.
The all in my basket hold 
some attitudes needing to be surrendered. 
Next to my basket, God has another one filled with his wealth. These are provisions He wants me to recognize, reach for, and hold on to: trust, faith, grace, humility, and acceptance. 
It is from my basket that I am to pluck out and plunk into his hands all that is holding me back. With God's perspective, I will not be comparing my life to that of others. 

I will deeply recognize that he provides for one and all.  
If there is to be any poverty, let it be from my heart draining in thanksgiving to God - the One who loves me in spite of my attitudinal shortcomings.
He remains with me to help me see with new eyes 
- his eyes.
Lord, help me to give my all so that there is room within me to receive your all. Help my heart to rise in thanksgiving for you and your basket full of generosity - ever and always near. Amen.

 Hand-stitched Quilt by Lynn
Photo by Lynn


  1. that was such a beautiful post and I am notr sure if you wrote that Lynn(?) or someone else BUT...whom ever was the author of those words certainly doesn't see that she is NOT separate from the world as everyone goes about their business BUT she is the one who is truly blessed. Could it be that being separate from this crazy world around us is where we truly find peace. I felt those word and she is the blessed one that we are all looking in at in envy!!!

    1. Hi Grandma Pinkhouse ( love your name! )

      I am the author. I wrote this some years ago and it was sent out via the Rest Ministries' site. It seemed to fit for a blog entry at this time of year. I am glad you wondered about that as in my introduction that is not made clear. I will update that so others will know.

      It is a hard learning curve when any of us are set apart. I agree and have come to accept that it is when we find the deeper time for letting God minister to us, listen to us as we wonder about a new life that is different from the worldly norm, it does bring a peace from Him that passes understanding.

      Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you come back to see this comment. You are welcome here anytime!

      Happy Thanksgiving ( every day ).

  2. Oh Lynn!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Not sure that I truly want to look to my attitudes.... " the ones glued to the bottom of my all basket, that need emptying." Will need to pray & contemplate upon that!! Thanks for the ways that you look at things differently......I love that about you!

    Also, that photo of your BEAUTIFUL quilt......can't tell you how much that ministered to me! I LOVE beautiful hand-made things. Funny how, even a photo ministers to my soul.....there's something about the colour & knowledge that it's hand-made! I've always wanted to quilt.....just never had the time & now don't have the energy! LOL! Gorgeous colours in it too!

    Take care. Rest up.
    Happy Thanksgiving. You're a blessing Lynn!

    1. Kerryn! I love, love, love your cheering comments!

      I do not think any of us "like" peering into the recesses of our attitudes, the ones that can hold us back from the abundance of life. It is comparable to not really liking to do housework to keep our homes looking good. But once we have put in the time, how nice it is to have a fresh, clean slate. A peacefulness can settle - often that peace that passes our understanding so we know it is God's peace blessing us.

      I love my quilt, too. I was never able to complete it when the visual component of my challenges hit but enough is completed to enjoy its beauty.

      I am happy the photo ministered to you. It is a joy when a photo can fit perfectly with the message in a text. It becomes a visual devotional and can bring back the text message without our having to read all the words again.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lynn, I am just getting to this post and I now see why. It was meant for me!!!! :) Another time of stillness, and listening and looking.
    Thank you so much for sharing this, it touched my heart completely this morning.
    Then your very lovely quilt. Something so comforting about a quilt. I am piecing on a quilt now, and it brings a quiet joy to the day.

    God Bless, I always look forward to your next post!

    Margie Scott

    1. Margie, I am always encouraged when you share with me. It blesses me to know that this message was timely for you. I have needed it myself!

      I was recently going through some photos and saw the ones I took for you re: my quilt and the steps in how I put a square together. You do such amazing handwork. I hope you post some photos of your projects on your blog.

      I am waiting on the Lord for inspiration for my next posting here. I never know when a message or idea will come - thus I wait.

      Blessings back to you!


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