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Running and Races

 My friend, deni Weber asked me to be a guest blogger on her web site where she writes daily devotionals of encouragement. I was honored to be asked and today she posted this devotional that I submitted to her. 

Thank you, deni.

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Running and Races

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1. 
I recently viewed photos of a former student, now a young woman. She had just completed running a marathon. Her victory smile was appropriate.  
Although  I can smile, I no longer am able to run. There are times I need to access my cane or my walker, but I do thank God that I can walk. I have friends needing a wheelchair for aiding them in their mobility. I know others whose daily needs require full-time assistance. 
Am I to take this Scripture literally? What is the race marked out for me? I must reconfigure my thoughts around the word, race.
This Scripture continues and exhorts me to look to Jesus who completed the task set before him when on earth. He never questioned the course his Father ordained. I can struggle with the course set before me. Will I make the next step, let along the next mile? Yet, I can look back at the route of my life and see God’s faithfulness along each step of the way. . . the steps I feared I could not take.
I listen to others who face daily physical challenges and hear them say, “I no longer feel productive.” 
I have known this struggle at various times and  eventually it leads me to ask, “Productive to whom?” There was a time when my productivity was more tangible and visible. Yet, who has set my race before me? Who recorded my days before I was born? 
The word race, in this context need not mean a competition, but an acceptance of the life course God has for me. He has promised to give sufficient strength to help me complete all that he has asked of me. A cloud of witnesses who have reached their finish line are cheering me on. They have received their reward  for persevering.  
If I compare my yesterdays to today, I can get entangled and face inadequately the part of my race that is for now. I can get thrown off the track if I am not careful. I want to stay hydrated with God’s grace, keeping my eyes on Him. 
He knows the direction we are going. We race together, no matter the pace. With Him, I will reach the finish line exactly when the moment is right and that is a race I know I will win.
Prayer: Lord, I thank you that I am not alone to face the course you have mapped out for my life. As you accompany me, encouraging me onward, I remain grateful to be in this race with you. Amen


  1. "He knows the direction we are going. We race together, no matter the pace."

    I'm so glad this is true, Lynn. Sometimes my race seems to be at a standstill; other times it seems to be so fast I can't keep up. But neither matter; as long as I'm journeying with my Savior, all is well.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Love you!

    1. My joy to share, Lisa.

      Oh, the standstill times are hard - seeming to take us nowhere. Yet, the rests are important and we never know what He is preparing as we stop, rest with Him and then let Him get us moving again.

      Love you, too, and always appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Ah, ‘pace.’ For those of us who have experienced a drastic change in our pace, the word has deeper meaning. It represents losses. We can no longer keep up with the former pace of life.

    But a slower pace doesn’t have to be bad. How many people are running the rat race wishing they could stroll through life? Shuffle along the path, enjoying each moment.

    I think God adjusts our pace to match His current plan for our lives. In the past, He had me at a sprint in life. Raising sons, teaching, and going to college were all part of His plan then.

    In recent years, He downshifted me into a different gear. As I ponder my slower pace, I consider my new ministries. MS has ushered in devotional writing to encourage fellow patients who live with a chronic illness.

    Comparing my productivity then to my activities now sometimes tempts me to feel sorry for myself. But then I remember that any work for His kingdom and for His glory is beautiful.

    The spider spins a web slowly. The completed work is exquisite and captivating (pun intended!).

    I, too, “want to stay hydrated with God’s grace, keeping my eyes on Him.”
    Thanks for this encouraging devotional.

    1. Vicki - thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the thoughts that you share. I like the analogy to the spider web.

      Where I get caught in having had to gear in to a different pace ( or lane in the race ) , is knowing how to get God perspective and then accepting it or not being able to get His perspective and trusting that He has one and then accepting it without understanding.

      It is a blessing to find the new ways to minister and letting them be "enough" or even recognizing that some things that we do now are a ministry!

      LIke all of life, when we are in the midst of what is new, we cannot get the understanding right away. Steps of trust are the key - trust in Him!

  3. I love this writing Lynn! It pertains to all of us in our daily walks. What is our race in life, well that all depends upon what our Lord has in store. Thank you for sharing your "race" and perception of this word with us.

    As I face my "race" in life, I know that it is the baby steps along the way that has gotten me to where I am in my life.

    I'll share my saying with you..."Don't Let Your ABILITIES be Dimmed by Your Dis-Abilities".

  4. Thank you, sweet Belle for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here on my blog.
    I do agree that when we take "baby steps" - even though we want to sprint - that it helps us to remember that it is the journey that becomes our focus. Then we enjoy the good times or we accept the challenges - whichever show up - and let God keep helping us to persevere.

    I LOVE your saying! Each time I see it on your blog page, your signature, or your newsletters, it inspires me!

    When it all comes down to what is key, it is God who is ABLE and who enables us. Period.



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