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Part Two . . .Reflections on Retirement After 20 Years

1992 - 2005

Journal Entry - August 1, 1992
“The sun is out! I am sitting at a picnic table with the ocean roaring, ebbing, flowing below. I can smell that unmistakable fresh saltiness of ocean air. Praise You, Lord, for your Creation. Thank You for bringing me here -- not only here to the Oregon coast and your ocean -- but here to this time in my life. I don’t know what lies ahead but I know that You hold it and me in the palms of your hands, ready to give abundantly when I am ready to receive.”
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?
Jonathan Larson - from his musical, Rent 

How can I encapsulate the wonder of my experiences during these 20 years? Without dwelling on every step being taken while in constant dizziness, let me get past that reality and concentrate on what God helped me to do in spite of this condition. Yes, there were countless medical tests, evaluations and therapies accessed with none leading to any resolve. Besides these times and when not in set backs, I embraced the following joys, among others. These are highlights.

How do you measure, a year in the life?

 I am going to “measure some years” 
as they lie within the fabric of a few of my favorite tee-shirts! 

 I remained active in Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary organization for women educators. Besides involvement with my local chapter and work on state committees, there were opportunities to travel to a few conventions. I got to Nashville, TN and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.Toronto was close enough to New Hampshire that I spent a week  with dear friends in Hanover after the convention. Naturally, I checked out Dartmouth college’s bookstore. Along with great memories, some books  and a tee-shirt were packed into my suitcase to bring home!

Although I got my BA degree in Education from the University of Washington, I had a double major in Drama with a focus in Children’s Theater. Live theater and musical theater has always been a passion for me. Thus, I make note of  times I have shared with friends and family finding joy in attending the theater.

Les Misérables

Crazy for You

My life changed for the better when, in 1972, I read C.S. Lewis for the first time. The book was Mere Christianity. More of his books followed throughout these years ( a bookcase full )!  Seattle Pacific University has been acclaimed for its C.S. Lewis Institute. For many years of summers the institute presented a month long course on Lewis’ life and works. I had attended free lectures during some of those summers. After I retired, I had the time to attend the course. How fortunate I waited. In 1998, the one-hundredth anniversary of Lewis’ birth, SPU presented this course as a study tour to England -- specifically Oxford and Cambridge. I was in. I was in for more than I could have ever imagined.

                                This tee-shirt has traveled many a mile and place with me! 

The Narnia Window
  Holy Trinity Church - Headington, Oxfordshire

I learned of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. This group had purchased the home where Lewis had lived: The Kilns  Over the course of ten summers, with volunteer help, the home was restored to an elegant circa 1950 look. It is being used as a study and resource center. In 2001, they held their first summer study week. Along with 7 other participants I was blessed to be in that group. staying there for the week, filled with informal lectures, fellowship, lots of touring about, and fun!

Lynn peeking out of the dining room window at the Kilns!

The timing of this event was an added  blessing, coming just months after my mother’s death. I stayed on in Oxford after the study week for another two weeks. I rested and browsed the city. I journaled and let God help me walk out some unfamiliar but necessary steps. 

Triennially, the C.S. Lewis Foundation organizes and presents an Oxbridge conference -- one week in Oxford, one week in Cambridge. Each conference has a different theme. The conference attracts those who admire Lewis' faith, works, and scholarship. I attended the conference in 2002. I was scheduled to return to Oxbridge 2005. That was not to be.

Two more highlights to go!

 Reaching my 60th Birthday - 2003

My step-sister, Nina said we needed to do something really special for this important event. With her excellent research and planning, I headed, first, to her home in Arizona to spend a few days with her family. Then it was sister time in Las Vegas with our end purpose to see Celine Dion in concert. All goals were joyfully met and never to be forgotten.

With the Wichmans in Tuscon: Jake, Glenn, Caleb, Lynn, and Nina

This remains my favorite photo  of me with Jake and Caleb.

Sharing in Central Park  at the New York! New York! Hotel in Vegas

Have SPU tee-shirt, will travel! 

May, 2004

The only time I have been to Hawaii was for my niece, Tracy’s wedding to Jeff. They were married on the beach in Maui. Her father, my twin brother, David and I were able to attend as were a few other family members and friends. David and I stayed on for a week to enjoy more of this area.

Lynn with nieces, Tracy and Kelly in Maui

Tee-shirt from Napili Shores Gazebo Restaurant

Lynn with brother, David -- Maui Airport

How do you measure, a year in the life?

How about love?

Yes, I'll measure it in love!

August 9, 1992 - Yachats, Oregon - Journal Entry
“I love you, Lynn.”
“I love you, too, Lord”

August 25, 2012 - Yachats, Oregon - Journal Entry
“I love you, Lynn.”
“I love you, too, Lord.”

. . . then came 2005. . . more reflections to come


  1. Seasons of love...lots and lots of love. Thanks for taking us down Memory Lane with you. And how fun to be part of the journey! (The boys were so much younger then! We *all* were!!)

  2. Ah, yes, Sis - a lot has happened during these 9 years. I enjoyed putting the posting together of some highlights!


  3. Lynn,
    What a wonderful way to share these years of you life with us. So many awesome things to do, so many special memories for you and for others. And showing your tee shirts was an added bonus.
    Carol A.

  4. Thank you, Carol! I knew that when I came to Oregon for this time away, I would do a posting on my blog. I did not realize it would be in 4 parts - 2 more are coming. I was not sure how I'd approach it but as I was packing up my tee-shirts - the idea hit me as I was remembering their significance in my life. Fortunately, I had my camera to take the photos of them!

  5. I am looking forward to the next two Lynn ! Hurry up and get writing girl ! lol
    (Boy that thingie you have to type in to post is getting harder and harder . It got changed recently)

  6. They are written, Carol - just spacing them out a bit so folks do not get overloaded!
    Thanks for your efforts to post the comments. Some have told me they cannot even get through the maze to have anything post! You get an A+!

  7. How interesting that we were talking about musicals and Rent just the other night, and I come here to find a quote and t-shirts from them! My firmer college put on a showing of Crazy for You, and I loved it, it is one of my favorites. How awesome it is to measure life by the clothing that reminds us of special events!

    1. I know, Shelby - funny how that can happen sometimes - follow ups after one has shared with a friend about a subject.

      "Crazy for You" is such a lively musical, toe-tapping one, for sure and I have long been a huge fan of any music by Ira and George Gershwin.

      Yes, I am glad I took my tee-shirts on the ocean trip and had a camera as it was a God directed idea to use them to share from the fabric of my life.

  8. I enjoyed reading your adventures during your year close to retiring from teaching. Some of your thoughts matched mine. Funny how a T shirt can mean so much.
    By the mother is an identical twin (and my father was also). Gotta love twins!
    Also, in 2010 my husband and I traveled to Oregon. I was speaking at a teacher's convention (for ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International). We spent time taking pictures of beautiful places like Mirror Lake near Mt. Hood, and Multnomah Falls.

    1. Vicki -

      It is comforting when we find others who have shared experiences, esp. when they have been the harder ones. It helps us feel less alone.

      Twins! How interesting that both your parents have sibling twins. To my knowledge, my brother and I are the only set of twins on either side of our family.

      Yes, our Pacific Northwest is a photographers haven. I am happy to know you have spent time here. I will be assuming that photos on your blog are part of your handiwork.

      I use my own photos here, as well, except for the last photo is this Reflection series!


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