Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Garden in the Bus

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” 
----Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden
I had not expected a garden to show up in a bus. I was hoping I’d be able to physically handle the ride via DART to downtown Seattle, usually a thirty minute drive during non-rush hour traffic. Stops and starts, unexpected turns, wide scopes of peripheral vision compromise my vestibular system pretty fast if I am not grounded driving my car. But a dear friend had invited me out to lunch and wanted to try out the DART bus. She had signed up for this service should she need it.
The hospital where she is currently undergoing extensive chemotherapy treatments after her ovarian cancer surgery, was featuring an offer -- an offer too good to refuse. Professional photographers donated their time and talents over the course of  two days. It was a time to pamper cancer patients  (current and survivors). They’d experience the joy of an attentive team for a portrait sitting. The outcome would be a treasured image to cherish.
I have accompanied my friend to some of her treatments, but this was to be a day of fun. I took my camera to photograph her through the process leading up to her completed portrait. First, we had to get there via the DART bus ride! 
There were others to pick up and bus drivers who patiently offered help to those needing assistance getting onto the bus and settled inside. After many twists, turns, speed bumps bumped and others taken to their destinations, we arrived at ours.
So why do I mention a garden?  It emerged with each stop we made, with each soul who brought her self and some of her life story into the vehicle. On this particular day only women were on our route.  
S. came on her scooter, unable to walk even a few steps without her oxygen. She was going to town to shop at some bargain stores. 
D. arrived in her wheelchair, sporting an artificial leg, an outgoing and cheerful spirit, and was able to transfer to a regular seat on the bus. She was grateful and bubbled over sharing with us her anticipation getting to a specialized yoga class that helps her stay limber. She lives with MS and other neurological challenges.
The bus ( still bumping and twisting along ) was filled with the chatter of these women, wanting to know what we were up to and where we were going. One by one, after stories were shared, each got dropped off at her destination. Later, we  were delighted to have S. and D. both get back on the bus during our return trip. Joys were expressed. S. showed us the special bargain outfit she got for summer wear. D. was so appreciative of the relaxation and care she had received at her yoga class.
The bus navigated around corners arriving at a church in north Seattle where N. was transferred via her wheelchair on board. She had come about as far geographically as my friend and I had to attend a social support group. She was abuzz telling of the fun her group had experienced. Blind since birth and dealing with cerebral palsy, N. had a smile that lit up the already sunny day. She told me that she lived in an adult home. I asked her if she had made close friends there. She said only one as the other residents were unable to communicate clearly. I realized she had come to where some joy was present, where support and friendship was a given. I hugged her as she went to the transfer bus, wondering if she ever got hugs and knowing that she could not see me beaming at her and her tenacity.

I had not expected a garden to show up in a bus. But the fruits of the Holy Spirit unfolded right before my eyes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23) 

The garden emerged as I saw women choosing to thrive where they found themselves, using the means they could to get out, to socialize, to meet their challenges with a gusto that left me -  less encumbered - humbly inspired. Bus drivers were patient with the logistics of getting the riders onto the bus. I observe my friend, courageously confronting cancer with faith and fervor - S. taking in breaths with the help of an oxygen tank and exhaling an acceptance of where life had brought her -  N. having never seen a sunny sky giving off beams via her beautiful smile that would rival any sunflower - D., apologizing that she was not good with names yet remembering what had been said in the morning ride and wanting to know all about our individual experiences of the day. This garden was alive!
Eugene Peterson, in his paraphrase of the Bible, describes my experience this way.

“God's various gifts are handed out everywhere; but they all originate in God's Spirit. . . Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits” (1 Corinthians 12: 4-11 The Message).
I had not expected a garden to show up in a bus. but it showed up nonetheless and its fragrance lingers. 
Photo by Lynn 


  1. I loved this! Each one of us is a flower, with our own color(s), shape, size and scent...and together we form a beautiful bouquet...to be enjoyed, cherished, and given to Him!

    1. Thanks, Sis - a flower in my garden who I cherish and love!

  2. Lynn,
    What a wonderful experience you had that I know you will treasure in your heart for many years.
    God put you there on that bus too and you dear one were part of that garden too ! You were there to help a friend and step out and ride that bus even knowing it might be difficult for you with your own health challenges.
    May you continue to grow and bloom,
    Carol A.

    1. Carol - thanks for stopping by and reading about the bus trip!
      It was a ride I will always remember which is why I wanted to share it with my readers.
      How good to know you are among them!

  3. This sounds like it should be made into a movie! Or a great novel. I'm glad you savored the ride, despite your own issues, and were able to share it with us. I see you as a bright bouquet of daisies on the bus. :-)

  4. HI Lisa!

    Our lives are a movie, aren't they? There are so many scenes that warrant our attention and ones we often miss if we are not observant. I like your idea of my being a bright bouquet of daisies as they are such a cheerful flower. Yes, I do like that image very much. Thanks! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Jenni! Keep tending that garden that is "you" that we all are praying for - that new blooms will soon appear and bring bouquets of hope. Love you!

  6. I love this-- dearly! I love your creative spirit- seeing a garden blooming with each of those precious women being a fragrant flower! I think this is my favorite of your devotions! Also loved the photo you chose for this! Just put me there on a bench and I'll be happy forever! Love to you!

    1. Thank you, Mare! It was quite the bus ride. A lot of life happened along the way. The photo is one I took in Oxford and is a side garden at C.S. Lewis' home (the Kilns). It truly is as lovely as this photo conveys - nary a touch up to this one. And there is a bench nearby for sitting!

      I am glad you stopped by. Come again.
      Love, as always. Lynn

  7. I really enjoyed this devotion Lynn. With each woman who emerged into one of the flowers I was able to visualize the spirit of that woman. What a beautiful bouquet that ended up on the bus that day. Thanks for sharing your writing gift with each one of us. WE are all blessed or should be blessed by what you put into words for us to absorb.

    When we think of the title of this entry; each day we could find a garden but in a different setting.

    Write on my girlfriend.
    Blessings of Peace & HOPE,

    1. Belle - I am glad you enjoyed visitng this garden! I do agree with you that if we have eyes to see, a garden could emerge in just about any setting.

      I appreciate your kind remarks and plan to "write on" when God gives me the next posting - writing for the blog, that is!

      Hugs of Hope back to you -


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